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you become what you eat

The most basic ones are, first of all, protein and creatine. These two substances have proven to work by independent studies. The use of a protein supplement is one of the best methods to build muscle mass even more effectively.

Do dietary supplements work?
The task of dietary supplements is to supplement deficiencies, but they will not replace a proper and rational diet. Taking dietary supplements can have a real impact on our health, if we consult a doctor and carry out appropriate tests (e.g. the concentration of a given ingredient in the blood).

It is expected that an eating regimen of a truly dynamic individual ought to contain 10-15% of proteins, 25-30% of fats and 55-60% of carbs. Sugars and fats assume a significant part here, since they are put away in our body and can be utilized in a circumstance of their lack, for example during high actual work.

You have no idea for your own diet? Nothing is lost. We offer both training plans and diets with supplementation. After visiting a dietitian, we can write you meals for your own preparation or recommend a friendly company offering a box diet

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