Fat burning

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In the case of people who are slimming, the best results are achieved by strength training twice a week for 40-50 minutes (along with warming up and cooling down), and cardio training for 40-60 minutes three times a week. Another option that gives just as good results is aerobic training for 30 minutes every day

Your training should primarily be based on multi-joint exercises, such as squats, lunges, presses or pull-ups. They should be performed with a relatively heavy weight. The recommended exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles include: classic crunches, plank, bike, and even push-ups.

The best fat loss results with strength training are seen around six months after regular training. After six months, you will notice a loss of body fat and an improvement in muscle tone, but you need to train properly to achieve the desired result.

If you feel that you need support in arranging a training plan, use the services of one of our personal trainers. You can customize an individual plan based on your needs along with learning to do the exercises properly

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